Saturday, 30 August 2014

deadline for new iPhone6

Been confirmed launch date of iPhone 6 momentum September 9th and Tuesday at the beginning of the month.                                                                                                 

Everyone is waiting for the issuance of the new Apple iPhone 6, increasingly likely that we'll see more than one Apple handset this year, It is expected, according to the rumors that he will change the screen size new iPhone of 4.7-inch to size of 5.5 inches, will become clearer screen in the world will be clarity and 461 PPI - possibly dubbed the iPhone Air or the iPhone 6L - coming alongside. The latter was rumored to be pushed until later in the year, thanks to problems with the battery and production, but recent updates seem to say these have been solved.

There are many leaks and rumors about the expected shape of the new iPhone is expected to iPhone 6 new design will be more thinner than before the front panel slightly tapered edges meld seamlessly into the rounded edges of the rear shell for a sleek, continuous curve.With its softly rounded corners and redesigned style volume buttons, iPhone 6 closely resembles the style of the iPad mini.

This is all still leaks and rumors, if it’s true it will certainly be interesting to see just how many Apple fans will be willing to shell out more money to get a larger version of their favorite smartphone.


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